Zee World Madness Nigerian Movie (Season 3) - A Musical Drama

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The musical drama continues in the Season 3 of Zee World Madness Nigerian Movie. Starring Rachael Okonkwo, Nonso Diobi, Mac-Collins Chidebe, Cyril Chukwuemeka, to name a few. The story is themed around India's Zee World. 

Zee-World Madness Nigerian Movie

Kasarachi (Rachael Okonkwo) has watched Zee World Movies for so long that she is buried with the activities in the program, she is day dreaming to be one of the actresses in the foreign Indian program. 

Kasarachi's late mother in this movie was an Indian, hence her love for Indian music and lifestyle. The movie also stars Uzomah Udolisa, Amarachi Igidimbah, Stanley Obi, to name a few. 

  • Title: Zee World Madness Nigerian Movie 
  • Genre: Musical Drama 
  • Director: Mac-Collins Chidebe 
  • Producer: Donatus.U.Nwobodo 
  • Year: Released 2017 

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