Why Marry Ghanaian Movie (Part 1) - Majid Michel & Yvonne Okoro


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Watch Majid Michel and Yvonne Okoro in Why Marry Ghanaian Movie (Part 1), the story is centered around William (Majid) and Janice (Yvonne). Brought to you courtesy IBAKA TV.

Why Marry Movie Summary: William and Janice are happily married with a strong, loving and playful marriage. They enjoy each other's company immensely and a fantastic and happy home. Then out of the blues, things change. A very strong and loving marriage relationship turns to one full of bickering and resentment. Where did it all go wrong and can it be turned back around? Marriage is embedded with challenges and external factors which only few couples can withstand.

  • Title: Why Marry Ghanaian Movie
  • Producer: John A. Dada
  • Director: Frank Rajah Arase
  • Industry: Gollywood
  • Distributor: IBAKA Entertainment
  • Platform: Nigeria Movie Network

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