What Many Don't Know About Denzel Washington's Marriage! (VIDEO)

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Multi-award winning Hollywood Actor Denzel Washington is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood enjoying a successful marriage. This video compiled by Nicki Swift brings to light what many people don't know about Denzel Washington's marriage! 

Denzel Washington's Marriage

According to Nicki Swift, Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson met in 1977. Over the last four decades, they've managed to build a family and maintain a marriage in a time and place where that seems almost unheard of. How have they done it? Here's a look at what you don't know about Denzel Washington's marriage… 

  • Rumor and scandal | 0:18
  • Love at third sight | 1:08
  • The family that prays together stays together | 1:54
  • Charity starts at home | 2:52
  • Hard work pays off | 3:49

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