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Season 1 of 4 Brothers Nigerian Movie is showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Starring Walter Anga, Ruth Kadiri, Nosa Rex, Diamond Okechi, Charles Billion and Shaggy Bees. Brought to you courtesy NollywoodPicturesTV on YouTube.

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4 Brothers Nollywood Movie

4 Brothers Storyline 

"This movie is poignant and thought provoking offering a solidly crafted, well acted and a must see experience for the audience. In the movie, four blood brothers find themselves among their cousins who inherited a big hectare of land from their grandfather which would forever create wealth for all the benefactors. All benefactors must adhere to the strict rule of their late grandfather "never to sell the land" Incidentally this huge asset which has been acquired unfortunately becomes the beginning of their problems as they all begin to feel their lives threatened to death by some gunmen over their asset. Someone amongst them is the betrayer.

As circumstances grow more treacherous, these four brothers find themselves getting closer to death. Their last option now is to do the "most ridiculous" to have their lives secured." 

  • Movie Title: 4 Brothers Nigerian Movie [Season 1] 
  • Genre: Family Drama 
  • Producer: Badaiki Shaggy Eromosere
  • Director: Austin Faani
  • Company: HarryBes Entertainment Ltd
  • Release Year: 2017

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  • oluchukwu ifunanaya

    the name of the music they danced at the last season is what ?

  • Samson florence

    the name of the song the danced at the end of season 4