Warrior Sisters Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - A Family Drama

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Here goes the Part 2 of Warrior Sisters Nigerian Movie also showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Starring Queen NwokoyeChioma AkpothaNgozi Ezeonu, Ebele Okaro, Zulu Adigwe, among other acts. Video courtesy Nollywood Pictures TV!

Endeavor to share your thoughts about this film after watching, to let the Nollywood community know what you think of it. Share with friends and family! The drama continues in House Captain Nigerian Movie 1&2

Movie Synopsis: Separated by fate in an unseen situation and joined by circumstances beyond expression is the theme of this family drama ‘Warrior sisters’. Dabere (Chioma Akpotha) and Kpesara (queen nwokoye) are faced with a shocking revelation of which their ignorant approach to it pushed them into serious conflict as both tries to outwit each other in a battle for supremacy, thus making the house a living hell for anyone who dares to stand on their way. This story entwines round the cords of hatred, love, envy, betrayal , and suspense which makes it a movie to watch. 

  • Title: Warrior Sisters Nigerian Movie [Part 2] 
  • Genre: Family Drama 
  • Director: Caz Chidiebere
  • Producer: Nwankwu Nick, for  Nickson Productions 
  • Streamed by: Nollywood Pictures TV, for NEL TV 
  • Showcased on: Nigeria Movie Network 

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