Vivica Fox says 50 Cent Was Her True Love on Wendy Williams Show

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In this celebrity video clip making rounds on social media, Vivica Fox revealed in tears that rapper 50 Cent was her True Love on the Wendy Williams Show.  Watch, comment and share with friends on social network! 

Vivica Fox on 50 Cent True Love - Wendy Williams Show

Rapper 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox have been less than cordial over the years, since they stopped dating in 2003. In fact, the two have been engaged in social media wars that have produced some very memorable, yet insulting memes.  

But things may have cooled down between the pair, according to Vivica A. Fox who ran into 50 Cent during last night’s New York Knicks game. “I ran into him last night at the Knick’s game” - Vivica told Wendy Williams. 

Vivica said: “I walked over to him and I said Happy New Year.” She became emotional when Wendy Williams discussed her past relationship with 50 Cent, telling the talk show host she would “always have love” for the rap star, as she broke down in tears. 

~ Vivica Fox says 50 Cent Was Her True Love ~ 

What words do you have for her? 

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