Viral video shows Tonto Dikeh attacking and slapping her ex-husband Churchill

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A new video have just been shared by Media Room Hub which shows controversial Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh attacking and slapping her ex-husband whom she previously accused of domestic violence on her. 

Tonto Dikeh slapping her husband

Recall Tonto Dikeh previously claimed domestic violence on her husband Dr. Olakunle Churchill using her as his punching bag while living with him. However, new evidence proves Tonto Dikeh is a shameless liar who was violently abusing her husband and destroying his properties. 

We are saying it how we see it. But some Tonto fans on NMN Facebook Page will say, "Admin you hate Tonto!" 

Moving forward, here are some reactions to this video on YouTube: 

Glorious Onuegbu said: "Karma is just flogging this thing called tonto....... She has hurt a lot of people in life, I wonder who she thinks she is. I know from the beginning that she was the abuser......she really needs to work on her life, her life records are REALLY bad.....bad family relationship, clash with her siblings, days in Uni so bad, somebody that slapped an actor Van Vicker, rain insults on Mercy Johnson and called her baby a witch for no just reason, what happened to a record deal with D'banji, burnt a designers items and recorded it, insulted Toyin lawani, Actors, bloggers, directors, producers etc... in fact evrybody she has ever come across in life. who are her friends in the in industry (NONE) bcos she is excellent at destroying relationships with people..... So will her marriage to Churchill be any different. Why it it that all she says never adds up, always having lies to cover previous lies. So somebody that cannot maintain relationships with people, is it marriage she can maintain. Likes of Tiwa salvage, Mercy Gentry and others went thru life issues and today they are still on good records. This one (tonto) just marry yestaday and destroyed the marriage with her hands and is not allowing us hear word. Always having everyone to blame but herself, Please that thing should Fix her scatter life. The person I pity is their son for coming thru such a bad woman, its so sad." 

Tonto Dikeh and Ex-husband

Agbon Joshua said: "So Tonto Diken was even the "ABUSER" in the marriage...then why was she lying. She was the one abusing the man! Men are the biggest victims of domestic VIOLENCE because they can't speak out...even when they do, they are stigmatized as a result many are dying in salient. Check out the number of men stabbed to death by their wives in Lagos alone for the past few months! In Nigeria, the easiest way for an irresponsible woman (that is mistreating her husband/abusive to her husband) to curry favour from the public is just for the woman/wife to lie to the world that her husband is abusive even if indeed the (reversed was the case) woman was the culprit "who cares"...the next thing is persecution for the man." 

What words do you have for the beautiful liar - Tonto Charity Wigo Dikeh ? 

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