Viral video of Nigerian Army slapping each other as part of training

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This may be part of the reason the world may never take the Nigerian Army serious, especially in regards to fighting terrorism. Instead of using intelligence to strengthen the country's weak national security; our boys are busy slapping each other into coma under the illusion of training. This disturbing video on NMN has gone viral. Fellow Nigerians, what is the way forward? 

Here's how popular comic actor Ime Bishop narrated the incident captured in this video: 

"This is gladiatorial arts! These soldiers are re-enacting Ancient Rome. That's what the soldiers are doing!! When the President went to America to solicit their assistance in military might and weaponry to fight to Boko Haram, Barack Obama was hands-tied. According to him, America is a land of laws and they do not lend military support to countries whose military have been involved in human rights violations. This barbarism is a pointer to that and I thank you for mirroring this out for public scrutiny." 

What are your thoughts on this? 

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