Tonto Dikeh runs mad after Husband collects back his Bride Price (VIDEO)

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It is no longer news that Tonto Dikeh's estranged husband has collected back the bride price he paid to Tonto's family when he took her hands in marriage back in August 2015. Meanwhile, Tonto the beautiful liar had been deceiving her fans all this while that she paid her own bride price as if her millionaire husband couldn't afford her. 


Tonto Dikeh runs mad after Husband collects back his Bride Price? 

In this unsettling video the drama queen shared on her Instagram page, which shows her hopping and jumping around as if 'running mad'?, after her husband collects back his bride price and officially cancelled/annulled their marriage in court. Even the person recording the video said: "Pls somebody come and help me o. our sister is running mad". 

Here are some interesting reactions from Tonto Dikeh fans and followers when she shared this video on IG: 

esterian4u said - "Yes ooo@ayaba008 Tonto is nothing but a liar. A born liar and I don't Know why some people can't talk sense into her rather praising her. Truth is Bitter they say. She is only living a fake hypocrite that's what she is. Though I enjoy watching her drama everyday just like the one she displayed yesterday. Keep displaying and don't grow up. Na only u be celebrity? Na only u born boy, abi Na only u first commot for Marriage. Rubbish! There are many celebrities out der who strive to make their marriage work. I don't think she can even stay in a marriage. It's in her nature. Flex on, jump everywhere and keep giving us new drama. Drama Queen Tonto." 

official.goldfish said - "All i see is just a sad woman pretending to be happy @tontolet u need to grow up stop living ur life on social media if u still love him go and work things out with him stop hurting urself for the sake of king... Just advising u"

stunnernwene said - "Look at u are u more richer than Beyonce? Or Celine Dion who married her producer even wen he can't sexually get pregnant he went for vitro method yet both never divorce their husband u are here dancing and faking smile. A Christian for that matter who can't keep a man then what can u keep even if Ur man is flirting around for d fact u are a Christian u failed in Ur marriage I pity Ur poor son, mind u that u are now second class if u like wear puch up or drink all drugs u mend Ur breast and stretch mark, u are a second class and u will b here DAT same husband of urs will marry a ist class lady a virgin for DAT matter foolish idiot @ tonto dike"  

Tonto Dikeh Traditional Wedding Picture

selina2368 said - "She said she love God .were in the bible did God say will should divorce our husband,@tontolet pls pls u don't love God but rather u love the tins of d flesh,U ignore God and took ur decisions,pls pls don't ever say u love God when u don't hv respect for him.go and fix ur home.the fact u hv money does not make u everything keep ur pride and humble ur self before ur husband and God." 

chantelbenedict said - "She is dancing because she has regained her freedom, none of us knew what really happened, she might be living in bondage, we never can tell..nobody prefers quinine to sugar...Churchill is a handsome and well made guy that 80% of a Nigeria girl we want to marry...their must be something serious that made her took that decision....Every marriage has its formula and when the mathematical part of it is not giving u that answer 1+1==1..problem don come be DAT...they know what is best for them, so let's stop casting blames.." 

pokilineno said - "one is expecting u to b a demon we want to see u r human...if its strength u r trying to show pls understand dat u can be strong enough to show dat it hurts...I have seen a few woman lose Der marriages and I am yet to see one of dem dance or even's always a bitter sweet experience...except u weren't planning to spend d rest of ur life with him,but if u were are u happy to start again?dream new dreams plan a new's doesn't matter how bad d man it's hurts to lose a marriage...dats a whole lifetime u have planned gone...I can't even say wat d dancing means to me cos I know some ppl will look for my address....

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