This One Na My Own - drama skit by Penjo Baba

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Published by Penjo Baba in Short Films



This One Na My Own is a drama skit by Penjo Baba. This is a short story we came up with to show some things that happens in our society. Everybody got a problem, it all depends on how you solve yours.

The Characters you see in our skits and movies are on camera for their first time, our duty is to build them to become great actors and film makers. We train them through these productions, which you will always watch from us for free.

Directed and Produced by Penjo Baba 
Characters: Grace, Laura Slim, Jurel and Michael 
Cameras: Maestro and Penjo Baba 
Sound: Neba Godwill 
Assistants: Divine Peeters and Platini 

Tags: Penjo Baba, This One Na My Own, Drama, Skit, Comic, Naija, Nigerian Drama, Short Film

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