The Promise Nigerian Movie (Part 1) - A short Film by Akin Okunrinboye

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Watch The Promise Nigerian Movie (Part 1) - A short Film by Akin Okunrinboye. Starring Carolina Iredia, Seun Maduka-Adegoke, and Femi Babajide Adio.

2013 MTN Afrinolly Short Film Competition - 2nd place winner.

Film Synopsis 

Kemi has been with Femi for five years now. She is tired of waiting, especially since the relationship does not seem to be going anywhere. She loves Femi, but she feels he is playing games. It's the New Year, and it is time for progress. She has to have progress in the relationship arena. She thinks she is going to get what she wants, but little does she know that Femi has different plans.Produced, Written and Directed by - Akin Okunrinboye.

CaroLyna Iredia as Kemi
Seun Maduka-Adegoke as Margaret
Babajide Adio as Femi

Shot by Akin Okunrinboye.

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  • Emmanuel Annah

    I love Nigerian home movie.