The Last Outkast Nigerian Movie (Part 1) - A Nollywood Film

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The Last Outkast Nigerian Movie (Part 1) is showing free on Nigerian Movie Network. This is a latest Nollywood movie 2013, and is brought to you courtesy Ibaka TV. Watch, Comment & Share!

Movie Synopsis: Aminu, a faithful and loyal foreman to his boss, Chief Duke. He does his shady dealings, cleans up his mess and looks out for him even without his knowledge but his loyalty is questioned when Rex witnesses the horrifying scene where their boss's wife is pants down with Aminu and informs their boss. This ugly scenario gave Aminu a death sentence.Fortunately, Aminu's survival story brings misfortune to chief Duke's squad since he knows too much information about their dirty secrets. Aminu is now a nightmare Chief Duke prays fervently against.He who plot the downfall of others must surely meet his own downfall.

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