The Chieftaincy Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - Sequel to Ekemezie the Bush Terror

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The occultic-ritual entranced wicked drama comes to an end in the Part 2 of 'The Chieftaincy Nigerian Movie', which is the final sequel to 'Ekemezie the Bush Terror', both of which are showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Starring Nkem Owoh, Solomon Akiyesi, Uche Odoputa, Onyinye Egeonu, Nuella Njubigbo, and a host of other acts, including elders; NMN reports. 

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Movie Synopsis: This compelling story continues in its well-blended suspense and superb drama, revealing more about the principle character Ekemezie. His initiation into the nazist cult ushers him into a new phase of life, filled with opportunities and possibilities.However,success comes with a price; will his smooth ride to success,stand the test of time.Watch as the dire consequences of Ekemezie decision unfolds! 

  • Title: The Chieftaincy Nigerian Movie [Part 2]  
  • Genre: Village Drama 
  • Directed by: Obinna Ukaeze.
  • Produced by: Sunday C.Eriobu
  • Video streaming: Nollywood Pictures TV  

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