Swagger Mamas Nigerian Movie [Part 2]

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#NMN: See Nollywood mamas wey dey swagga pass all dem fine girls wey dey town! Hey peeps, here goes the Part 2 of Swagger Mamas Nigerian Movie which is a sequel to "Gallant Mamas". The movie stars Patience Ozokwor (Mama G), Ngozi Ezeonu, Camilla Mberekpe, Ifeanyi Azado, Chacha Eke, Joyce Kalu, among others. Watch, comment and share!

Movie Summary: Three elderly women decide to join a pageant for the prize money and for the fame of being called "Mama Africa". A childless woman, a mother of three whose kids fight daily and a single mother with sick kids. What becomes of a woman who left her two months old baby in the hands on a young house help, or a woman who left her epileptic son and asthmatic son all alone just for this pageant.The answers to these are carefully woven into the lives of these three friends and they unfold with humorous and unexpected outcomes.

Movie courtesy IBAKA TV on YouTube | Follow @Ibakatv on Twitter.

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