Sisi Eminado Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - Comic Drama

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The comic village-drama continues in the Part 2 of....Sisi Eminado Nigerian Movie, a sequel to Eminado 1&2. The movie stars John Okafor (Mr. Ibu), Don Brymo Uchegbu, Bishop Ime, Cynthia Okereke, Caz Chidiebere, and Uchenna Nnanna.

Sisi Eminado Synopsis: In this continuation to 'Eminado', we see that Cajetan has established himself as a poverty stricken, terrorist oriented, Americana nuisance in the village, who does nothing more than making noise. Cletus on the other hand has decided to reduce himself to nothing all because of his unreasonable infatuation for the village beauty that has completely captured his fancy.The battle lines are finally drawn as Cletus's brother Cajetan wants no other person but his very sweetheart.

Movie directed by Caz Chidiebere and produced by George Obinna Egwuh. Video streaming via YouTube courtesy Nollywood Pictures TV / NEL TV.

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