Short Film - Sweep Episode 2

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Continue watching the Sweep Episode (2), a short film written and directed by Chawezi "Chazz Matazz" Munthali from Malawi. Support independent film making across Africa, by sharing this video with friends. Don't forget to leave your comments below.

Starring: Jessica Bvumbwe (as Dora), Faith Bvumbwe (as Yolanda), Abby Njovu (as Sidney), Jason Glasgow (as Paul), Roy Munthali (as Mike).

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  • Toyin

    ok so ...the general idea isnt bad.. i am just disappointed in certain things.
    First d proposal scene : I mean yall cld get proper candles or even real flowers..
    then you dont just walk into ppls houses like that.. I expected more .. the one reason i watched it was cause it said it was shot here...but in general nice concept.