Shadow of Death Nigerian Christian Movie (By Mount Zion Films)

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Shadow of Death Nigerian Christian Movie is showing for free on Nigeria's Movie Network. Watch, Comment and Share Nigerian movies on your social networks! 

Shadow of Death is a 2012 Nigerian Christian movie produced by Mount Zion Films. We kindly ask our viewers (that watched this Christian movie) to help summarize the movie in the comment box below so we may add more details about the film right here in the description section.

Also, if you'd like for us to add more Nigerian religious movies, let us know in the comment box.

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  • Braimoh Victor

    Your comment'<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' Shadow of death is a Drama that describes the ordeal of a young youth Corp member who stood as an agent of transformation in the place of primary assignment He was called to serve. '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' '<'.removeEvilAttributes('br /').'>' Reminds me of my own experience during rural rugged evangelism when I was a Corp member and in Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF)

  • obinna ukaiwe kalu

    this industry are trying very well, i pray that God will keep blessing them