Sarah Nigerian Yoruba Movie [Trailer] - with English Subtitles

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Check out the promo trailer for Sarah, a Nigerian Yoruba Movie showing on Nigeria Movie Network. It stars Murphy Afolabi, Iyabo Ojo, Funmi Bolaji, Kelvin Ikeduba, Lukman Raji, Akin Lewis, Oluwole Cole, Tope Osoba. Watch the trailer for now, in anticipation of the full movie when released by Tiwani channel which is powered by AFOREVO.  

Serah Movie Storyline: In spite of her father’s several warning; Sarah still became a dancer in a club and landed herself in big trouble. What will happen to her? Video brought to you courtesy MovieMore channel on YouTube. 

  • Title: Sarah Nigerian Yoruba Movie 
  • Genre: Yoruba Drama 
  • Director: Murphy Afolabi 
  • Producer: Funmi Bolaji 

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