Royal Suicide Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - Olu Jacobs, Clems Ohameze

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The royal drama continues in the Part 2 of "Royal Suicide Nigerian Movie" from the stables of Lion Base Productions. Starring: Olu Jacobs, Clems Ohameze, Chika Anyanwu, Michael Godson, Leo Ewuzie.

Movie Synopsis: The ruler of Obikwe and his council of chiefs had a fallout with a recalcitrant chief amongst them who embezzled the money made from their shady dealings and he insisted on "NO RETURN". To get back their money, he had to be arrested and this only fueled his anger and he made sure he didn't go down alone.
"The thieves we see with guns are the less privileged ones but the real thieves are the ones who stand in judgement over them".

The film also stars Joy Helen, Emma Umeh, Crystal Okoye, Chigozie Nwoye, Jerry Ikoro.

The sequel to Royal Suicide is "No Peace For The King".

Movie brought to you courtesy IBAKA TV.

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