ROOT (The Untold Mystery) - Episode 3 (Nigerian Traditional Film)

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Episode 3 of Root (The Untold Mystery), a web series produced by Muoma Obinna and directed by Ezekiel Enyindah; now playing. Watch the episode 2 on Nigeria's Movie Network.

ROOT Nigerian movie (The Untold Mystery), starring Tobi Igbenoba, Elder Maya, Ifedi Micheal Akwa Du EGG, John Ter Tumuem, Unegbu Sunshino Chris. Story by John Ter Tumuem. Brought to you courtesy StarFist TV. 

Village on fire in this episode...feel free to drop a comment after watching to let the producers of ROOT know what you think of it.

"ROOT is a revelation of mysterious origination of social cultural inequality and disputes, which Invokes different beliefs to resolve the issue but instead it lingers to the exposure of many unknown histories. Story of love, betrayal, nemesis, power tussle and most especially, an African story."

More episodes of ROOT will be added to our movie network once they become available. As always, feel free to give us a shout out and spread the word about Nigeria's Movie Network!

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