Rejected Princess Nigerian Movie Part 2 (Traditional Film)

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The cultural story continues in Rejected Princess Nigerian movie Part 2 - starring Yul Edochie, Sam Loco Efe, Chinwe Owoh, Zulu Adigwe, Stella Ikwuegbu, Geraldine Obi, Elder Maya Njubigbo. Watch, Like, Comment & Share Naija movies! 

Rejected Princess Nigerian Movie is a Nigerian Traditional Film released in 2011. What do you think of the story depicted in the movie? Let us know what you think of the film in the comment box.


The king evoked curse on the land after he asked his guards to beat an innocent man to death. Years later he paid the price of the curse but kept it a secret until his death. His son who inherited the throne and also paid the price without knowing the cause to his problems. The gods of the land asked the King to go in exile to help put a stop to the curse. While he was away one of his wives discovered she was pregnant which surprised everyone. After she delivered, the baby was taken away to be killed in the evil forest but luckily for her the guard spared her life and left her to die in the forest. A princess left to die without a cause, only time will tell if she could ever be found. 

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