Regina Daniels displays emotional act of crying over Mother's Death (VIDEO)

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Watch super-talented Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniels as she displays emotional act of crying over mother's death in a new movie she's filming somewhere in Asaba. How well did she do? 

Regina Daniels crying scene

"Mama!!! Mama No...mama you can't die, mama get up. mama you need to go to the hospital. Let's take mama to the hospital. Mama cannot die...she's not breathing!! Mama stand up, don't touch me! Mama get up...mama pls, mama look at me..touch me Rose, mama it's your daughter stand up. Mama stand up! Mmmm...mama is dead, mama is not breathing. she's not breathing! Mama...mama...mama pls...oh jesus my voice..." - Regina Daniels displaying act of weeping over mother's death 

Wow...highly intense and emotional scene! 

Regina Daniels indeed knows her stuff. No wonder she is one of the most sought-after actress in Nollywood, especially for Family Drama. 

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