Ramsey Nouah Interview: I Have No University Degree

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Nollywood Video News: Wow...so popular actor Ramsey Nouah has no university degree? Prior to now, did you know about Ramsey's educational background? The NMN team just stumbled upon this Sahara TV video of Ramsey Nouah interview, where the lover boy actor admits he has no university degree. Does this new revelation about Ramsey surprise you? 

Anyway, here's what Sahara TV have to say about this video: 

"SaharaTV crew caught up with Nollywood actor and director, Ramsey Nouah on the set of a movie shoot in Lagos.During this interview, he spoke about a range of issues including piracy; conflicts in the Actors' guild; politics; his niche as" Lover-boy" character; controversy about his father and his educational background." 

Let us know what you think about this Ramsey Nouah interview, by sharing your thoughts on Nigeria Movie Network, in the comment section. 

  • Video courtesy Sahara TV on YouTube 

-Team NMN 

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  • Yai Bala Daniel

    Oh my! Everyone is endowed with potentials that if discovered and consistently put to use in an area of their passion, the prospect to succeed and excel is exponential.

  • Akinnifesi

    Education did not guarantee your success in life or multimillionaire. Oh boy you are the best

  • Peters

    Qualification is only one of the prerequisites to success. It is talent that creates a niche for someone. there are graduates out there with certificate but no job.

  • dornie biket

    So good

  • Danielle

    Bros whether educated or not ur the best