Primitive Nigerian Movie, Ndi Igbo Drama (Trailer)

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Ndi Igbo kwenu! The special effects and storyline of this new Igbo drama titled 'Primitive' is awesome. The movie which stars some of your favourite actresses in Nollywood including Chioma Akpotha, was produce and directed by Iyke Odife (DGN); Nigeria Movie Network reports. The movie is subtitled in English for the non-speakers of indigenous Igbo language. 

Chioma Akpotha - Primitive Igbo Movie from NMN

NollywoodBest, one of the best YouTube channels for Nollywood Movies, have promised to release the full movie on March 2nd 2016, from Season 1 to Season 6. Hope you can't wait to watch?  

The VCD and DVD of Primitive Nigerian Movie is marketed and distributed nationwide by Ruling Movies Production at Electromart in Onitsha, Pound Road in Aba, and Alaba International Market in Lagos. 

  • Title: Primitive (Di m' Oma) 
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Language: Igbo (Subtitled) 
  • Director: Iyke Odife
  • Producer: Iyke Odife  

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