What is Nollywood?

What Is Nollywood? 

Nollywood is the name attributed to Nigeria's movie industry. By definition it is Nigeria's movie industry by Nigerian production teams for the Nigerian people. Nollywood has over the years become a world phenomenon, as its movies are being sold in Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa as well as Jamaica, USA and the UK to name a few.


Now the name itself had caused a bit of a protest in the earlier days, as a lot of Nigerians felt it was imported and derived from Hollywood and Bollywood. (Not really a bad feat as these are the two heavy weights in the movie industry internationally) There was also that little issue of the name being coined by a foreigner, some didn't like it, but the good thing is that Nollywood as a name has moved far beyond these earlier hiccups, no-one actually thinks twice about the origin of the name today. It has become accepted that Nollywood applies to the Nigerian Movie Industry.


Today Nollywood ranks third in the global movie industry after Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India). It has been able to hold its own despite so many deterrents, which to name a few include, expensive technical tools of the trade, inconsistent supply of electricity (which is taken for granted in almost every other country in the world), the horrible traffic-jam conditions which can lead to extreme lateness in production times (but the "show must go on!"). However, in terms of numbers of movies produced anually, Nigeria's Nollywood ranks second after India's Bollywood.


Nollywood movies are made on shoestring budgets ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 a piece spanning 7 to 10 days. This is an incredibly short jam packed production time by all standards.


What makes the industry so unique is that it is a video driven industry, the movies in the early days were produced and put straight on VHS cassettes and then released/ distributed for sale to the public. Now with the new technological advancement in place they are usually on VCD's, the Nigerian refer to the movies as "home video".


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