Nollywood Today and Beyond

Nollywood grew from the rich traditional culture of Nigeria but has evolved and grown into a modern internationally recognised industry. It is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, provides jobs for thousands of Nigerians, who otherwise would have been unemployed and languishing.

Nollywood is now getting viewings at international festivals, which can only be a good thing. "Osofia In London" (2003) put Nollywood on the map in that respect.

Now Nollywood has its own Annual Awards, and there is now a studio in Taippa, Calabar (pictured above).

There are also the STARS of Nollywood, who mostly are talented individuals. In the old days the actors were the producer, playwirights etc, but now its more streamlined. The workers in this industry are graduates some even have a second degree Nigerians are talented, inovative and productive and the success of Nollywood has proved this. A few of the Nollywood Stars are featured below.


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