One-on-One Interview with Evangelist Patience Ozokwor in Ghana [Part 1]

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We recently stumbled upon this One-on-One Interview with Evangelist Patience Ozokwor in Kumasi, Ghana [Part 1]. The interview was on the Dawuro show and the video brought to you courtesy RTV Ghana. Watch, comment and share! 

Patience Ozokwor interview in Ghana

In this interview, Patience Ozokwor revealed background information about herself and family, education, career and that she was forced to get married at the young age of 19. Did you know this? Wow! Mama G also said she's from a Polygamous family. 

Want to hear more? Mama G revealed she has 4 biological children (3 boys and a girl) and that after she loss her husband, she refused to remarry due to her stand in Christianity and that no man in his right senses would truly want to marry her with 4 children. 

Mama G also says she's very versatile and anything she lays her hands on prosper. Watch the full Patience Ozokwor interview and get the full gist! 

Watch the Part 2 interview here on NMN! 

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