On Bended Knees Nollywood Movie 2013 (Trailer)


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Watch the official trailer for On Bended Knees Nollywood movie 2013 - starring Chioma Chkwuka-Akpotha, Seun Akindele, Sylvia Oluchi, Francis Onwochie, Memry Savanhu.

Movie Synopsis: The movie which is has Christian theme is about a man, Pastor Reuben who is fiercely passionate about the things of God and & committed to the church. But this doesn't go down well with his wife Kemi who has to remind him that he's also a husband as well as a pastor. Temptation comes in form of a dark, handsome stranger, who becomes attracted to her. Secrets are opened, hidden pasts are unearthed and Reuben finds himself torn between his love for his wife & his devotion to the church. Who wins this epic battle?

On Bended Knees Cast: Chioma Chkwuka-Akpotha, Seun Akindele, Chet Anekwe, Sylvia Oluchi, Francis Onwochie, Memry Savanhu, and Chukwudi Orji. 

Producers: Chioma Akpotha & Emem Isong

Director: Lancelot Imasuen

Production: Royal Arts Academy

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