Olu Jacobs Shares His 10 Success Secrets in Nollywood

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One of the legendary fathers of Nollywood a.k.a The Actor's Actor - Olu Jacobs, shares his 10 success secrets in Nollywood. This video which was largely taken from Olu Jacobs speech at AMVCA 2016, was put together by Success Story NG. Watch, comment and share with friends on social networks!  

Olu Jacobs Interview - Success Secrets

"Against his father's prediction, young Olu Jacobs left Nigeria for England to pursue the dreams he believed he embodied and today, he is an authority in the actors' world. How did he do it? Find out in the next 14+ minutes." - Success Story NG 

In this 15-minutes journey, OLU JACOB'S outlines his 10 SUCCESS SECRETS and why how he became a global sensation to movie lovers and earned the nickname, 'The Actors' Actor'. 

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