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Okon Goes To School Nigerian Movie (2013)


Published by N.M.N (Staff) in Nigerian Comedy Movies


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Watch Okon Goes To School Nigerian Movie 2013 for free on Nigeria's movie network - starring Imeh Bishop Umoh, Moses Armstrong, Obongawan Bennet James, Belinda Effah, among other acts.

Brought to you courtesy Vuvuzela Media.

After Okon, an eccentric hunter, wastes a fortune on wine and women, he enrols in university to learn money management. What he doesn't bargain for is cultism and women trouble. And what school doesn't bargain for is Okon and his crazy antics.

A Royal Arts Academy Production. Produced by Uduak Isong Oguamanam and Directed by Lancelot Imasuen.

Okon Goes To School Nigerian Movie (2013)
Okon Goes To School Nollywood Movie

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  • Hiphoppriest

    Please I need the link of Okon Goes To School wanna watch it on mobile thanks

  • N.M.N (Staff)

    @Bola thank you for your constructive comment on NMN.

    Now that you've mentioned you're interested in Calabar movies, our team will do their best in showcasing more movies of this kind. However, it all depends on film-makers and their desire to uplift their culture or state of origin to say - by producing more Calabar movies.

    -NMN Team

  • bola oyenuga

    It is a great mix of comedy, education, language, culture, and quality, A very impressive calabar movie, I have watched two calabar movies this Year (Streets of Calabar and Okon goes to school) and the are both awesome... I want more Calabar movies!

  • bola oyenuga

    This movie is the bomb, I laughed from the beginning to the end, I would love to see more interesting calabar movies