Nollywood Trailer - Spirit Of The Assassin Movie: The Talisman

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Watch the official trailer of Spirit of The Assassin movie: The Talisman. Starring Yemi Blaq, Andy Boyo, Chinwe Isaac, Constance Okoro, among other Nollywood acts.

The Nigerian action movie 'Spirit Of The Assassin: The Talisman' is definitely more professional and creative than previous Nigerian action movies produced over the years.

264 years past, he was the most feared assassin, today he prowls the earth again, his methods are as modern as the beautiful woman he now claims. A descendant, eight generations removed has vowed to stop him and end a two century old curse. His only help; a skeptical Nigerian Policeman. Together they must battle an enemy that will not die.

What is your opinion on the action-packed movie 'Spirit Of The Assassin Movie: The Talisman'? Would you say Nollywood has improved in action movies?

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