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"ENORMITY "this is it", is a movie in search of a purpose, another feature from a director who dares to work under the name Chris Onyeka. For the first time in the history of Nollywood, the audience will be seeing the hot AMAA awards winner Van Vicker, and the currently sexy Sana Kanu paired together in roles that allow them to bare all by going fully frontal and earning the film best rating from the overly conservative screening. Sana and Van brought their 'A' game to the set of every movie they've ever made, and this one is no exception. For the fast-growing legion of Van Vicker and Sana Kanu fans, here's one you probably wont miss and should see immediately it hits the theater all over the world and the United States. Enormity is filled with Suspense, Love, Infidelities, Suspicions, Disagreements, Schemes, and Animosities. It is an absolute homerun for the director Chris Onyeka, who has finnally delivers a film that guarantees him an AMAA. He pushes the envelope even further than any of his earlier films. The cinematography is awesome, making every frame look like a work of art. It is breathtaking, fascinating, captivating, interesting, satisfying, dangerous, naughty, sinful entertainment of best kind. Prepare to be astonished! Look Out for the Official Trailer

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  • Bernice

    Damn please where can I find Enormity to watch omg it's a mind blowing movie can't wait to watch my favorite actor VV dey in any idea where I can get to watch or any store I can go and purchase thanks.

  • Portia nhawu

    There is other movie,i do'nt recol e name bt i know e actrs.van vicker as jonh who left his village 2 search 4 a beta job &h left his galfrend neka with his pregnant &she leta left also 4 e cty .there was also chika ike who was also a princess plz play us the part 2 of dat movie