Painful Soul Nigerian Movie [Part 1] - Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike

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Painful Soul Nigerian movie Part 1 - starring Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike, Ngozi Ezeonu, Charles Awurum, Gozie Alichi, among other Nollywood actors. Nollywood Movies Latest. Watch Nigerian movies FREE on Nigeria Movie Network.

Painful Soul Nigerian movie - Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike, Ngozi Ezeonu, Nollywood movies latest

Continue watching in the next episode, Painful Soul Nigerian movie Part 2.

Painful Soul Nigerian movie is a must-watch and features three top Nollywood actresses that Nollywood fans are always eager to watch on the screen. The movie is filed under: Nollywood Drama.

You are watching Painful Soul Nigerian movie FREE, and stars Mercy Johnson, Chika Ike, Ngozi Ezeonu, Charles Awurum, Gozie Alichi. Nollywood Movies Latest.

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Q: Would you agree that Mercy Johnson is a great crier after watching the way she cried heavily in this movie and it looks so real?

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  • Team Nollywood

    Thank you all for your reviews and comments on Painful Soul Nigerian movie. You are all highly appreciated!

    @Makaba, you're very much welcome and we appreciate you embracing our African culture - it is that necessary. Africans living in western countries can easily forget their culture due to the massive brainwashing that takes place there, but Nollywood is here to rescue and restore our tradition. There's an African proverb that says "Where there's no root, there is no tree". For this reason, we must never forget our roots, our culture and tradition; no matter where we go - we must never throw away our culture for the western culture, it is forbidable to do such. It's so proud to be African.

    Thank you for watching, and make sure to tell friends and family about Nigeria Movie Network, a website for thousands of FREE Nigerian movies online.

  • Makaba

    Thank you, and I love every one in the movie industry for creating a place where we here in the USA can see our people , to see the culture that we so much longed to see and to see our people! black people. No disrespect to the westrend culture, But it is not my culture, my Spirit is so Hungry to know about my own people, May God Bless you all keep those movies comming!!!

  • Makaba

    I thank and praise God for Nigerian movies unfortunately this is a part of life that exists for a lot of people, it very important to note not evey one comes from a loving supportive family,Their was a message, their is a Devine Justice, In the end Evil doing brings destruction to the Evil Doer,Praise the Lord!!!!!

  • Afternoon Wood (UK)

    i really love this movie painful soul. my first time watching this movie i was feel with disdain. Mercy Johnson you are great. directors of this movie are well taught on drama. All the actors are also well taught. keep it up. i like this movie painful soul................................UK wisconsin

  • kinny michael


  • kinny michael