Nollywood Movies Latest - Chidera (What God Has Written)

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Nollywood Movies Latest: Chidera (What God Has Written).

Watch Chidera - 'What God Has Written' Nollywood movie online. A film partly short in Cameroon starring Martha Ankomah, Paul Sambo, Amaka Mordi, Camilla Mberekpe, among others. Directed by Serah Donald Onyeachor.

Chidera Nigerian movie (Nollywood Movies Latest 2012)

Produced by Ephraim Arinze and Sandra Okereke.

Continue watching: Chidera - What God Has Written Part 2.

'Chidera - What God Has Written' is a story of a 19years old Dera, who due to family pressure got pregnant and in that confused state of mind left her baby in the hospital for her boyfriend to take care of. This led to more troubles! more problems!!. A must-watch Nollywood movie.

What do you think of the production of this movie? Good/Bad/Fair? Please comment below and let us know. Additionally, use the 5-Star Rating System at the top of the video to rate this movie accordingly. Your rating and review will help improve filmmaking in Nollywood!

The movie 'Chidera' is a joint collaboration between Nollywood and Cameroon acts.

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  • Team Nollywood

    @Francis Onyekachi Anisi thank you for reviewing the movie "Chidera - What God Has Written", we appreciate your comment and for giving the movie a 5* Star Rating!

    Nollywood film-makers would indeed expand on creating more movies like 'Chidera'. The more reviews and comments this movie gets, the more the possibilities of Nollywood directors and producers depicting similar stories as this one.

  • Francis Onyekachi Anisi

    I LOVE this move! It puts a spin on a classic idea! Nollywood should continue making movies like this! Exceptional! I honestly think it deserves all 5 stars! (5*)