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Official trailer for Broken Nigerian movie (Cinema) - starring Nse Ikpe-Etim, Kalu Ikeagwu, Bimbo Manuel, Chucks Chyke, Maksat Anpe, Tehilla Adiele, Iyke Adiele. 

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In a remote community where Gabriel Ortega (Kalu Ikeagwu) was posted for his National Youth Service primary assignment, he got carried away by Mariam’s (Nse Ikpe – Etim) enchantment, impregnated her but could not leave up to the responsibilities thereof. He absconds to the city, leaving the naïve teenage girl in dilemma. Faced with outright mad delirium, an obscure reality and, uncertain of what tomorrow holds she dumps the child unabashedly and sought lighter means.

Fate brought them back together and she was quick to forget her travails, they settle for matrimony which was blessed with two lovely kids. Soon, inconceivable differences tear them apart each settle for a new partner.

But, a few years later, the mistakes of their past come hunting, throwing their families and entire life into chaos; having to deal with a daughter who was sneaked out of an asylum.., a second son who, out of frustration and sheer neglect resorted to the streets, and somewhere in between - the son they abandoned years back - now on a death roll in prison, awaiting execution.

''Broken lives make up broken homes and broken homes make up a broken society''.

BROKEN…let the child live!

Coming soon to the cinemas, March, 2013.

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  • Fola

    Great movie ! I saw it in-flight. One of the best things out of Naija. I feel so Proud. Please how can I see it again!

  • Oluchukwu Ekwueme

    I cried till d end of the movie,so touching and heart's a must watch movie for everyone.