Nollywood Actress April Joju Muse assaulted by Nigerian Police Officer in Lagos traffic (VIDEO)

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In this video, Nollywood rising actress April Joju Muse was assaulted by a Nigerian police officer in traffic somewhere in Lagos after she called him a bastard. April who was on her way to work when the incident occurred, was taken to Ajiwe Police Station. 

April Joju Muse assaulted by police officerAccording to the actress who shared the video of what transpired between herself and the Nigerian police officer, she was hit by a vehicle which reportedly belongs to the Police.

While she was screaming at the top of her voice against the policeman, he broke her passenger window, and sprayed teargas in her eyes inside car.. She wrote:

“My dear friends if I die, pls look for at Ajiwe police station. I was brutalised on my way to work. I’ve posted a video.”

Here's an interesting reaction to the incident: 

"Nothing can justify what the officer is doing as seen here in this video but again, what about mannerism? How can you call someone a bastard? Is it that she does not know the definition of the word or she thought he would applaud her by calling him such a de-profiling name? Bastard is a strong and unpleasant word. A rising Nollywood act with such condescending public demeanour deserves to be reprimanded. Let us call a spade a spade!" - @eshnana 

What about you, what are your thoughts on this incident? 

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  • Nkonapoh

    When did she start acting that makes her so insolent to a law enforcement officer? Let her verify if that's how other top stars has been doing?? A trained Nigeria uniform man treated as a bastard?? No, painful, let justice be applied cos those are interventional unit and has high way priority sirs, am from Cameroon. Yeaaah thanks for the forum.