Nne Onyemaechi Nigerian Igbo Movie [Part 2] - Kenneth Okonkwo, Patience Ozokwor

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Ndi Igbo drama continues in the Part 2 of...Nne Onyemaechi Nigerian Igbo Movie. The movie stars Kenneth Okonkwo, Patience Ozokwor, Chioma Akpotha, Uche Odoputa among others. Brought to you courtesy RealNolly TV. Watch, Comment and Share!

Movie Synopsis: Ifedigbo(Uche Oduputa)and his mother onyema(Patience Ozokwor) starts to have problems because he has no money again,mean while, Ndubuisi (Kenneth Okonkwo) her first son whom she had always neglected becomes successful and became the light of the family even though he has lost most of the ones he loved as a result of his mother's greed. 

This movie 'Nne Onyemaechi' was released some years back.

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