Nkotonko Season 1 - Nigerian Igbo Drama Musical Movie

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We recently came across this Nkotonko Season 1 - Nigerian Igbo Drama Musical movie from IGBO EZE channel on YouTube, and we believe our audience would enjoy it! Watch, comment and share with friends on social networks! 

Nkotonko Season 1

This Nkotonko Igbo Drama Musical movie is quite entertaining and is fully subtitled in English for the non-speakers. IGBO EZE promises to upload the continuing Nkotonko Season 2 very soon. So, stay tuned! 

In case you're interested, below is the message at the end of this movie:  

"To be part of this Production, Movie and Musical production, Live stage performance, hiring of live band, DJ, MC, and all general event/entertainment mgt. Call us on 08165593023 or 08064029085.........."  

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  • Adikam

    How can I get dis video sir or where can I watch it

  • Onuhmicheal@15yahoo.com

    To watch