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Soul Transfer Part 1 Nigerian movie starring Mercy Johnson Okojie, Chika Ike, Artus Frank, and Ruth Kadiri. Sequel to "Swing of Emotion" Nigerian movie.

The story continues in Soul Transfer Nigerian movie Part 2

Soul Transfer Nigerian movie - Mercy Johnson Okojie, Chika Ike, Frank Artus - Nigerian movies FREE online

Soul Transfer Nigerian movie is directed by Ifeanyi Ogbonna.

***Sequel to Swing Of Emotion***The soul of Ginger is under the notion that she may have a link with someone else and she keeps feeling the pain and trauma that this other person goes through in the hands of her master. What becomes of her husband and her best friend after their plan to get rid of her fails as faith finally brings her soul sister to save her? Watch Mercy Johnson at her best again.

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  • telli laronke Kelly

    i want the full story of the soul transfer part one and two

  • Adebowale Azeezat

    Your comment
    very interesting and educating

  • onels

    Its emotionally touching

  • onels

    So great & trilling

  • Nick

    Mollywood soul transfer is interesting........ I like it

  • kay dave

    Was unable to download

  • consider Clifford

    It,s a great lesson to all Nigeria's

  • kathiaz

    Its been a great saturday for me all thanks to nollywood.Swing of emotions..........this is one of those great works of Nollywood,a unique storyline,one that kept me on my toes all through.It is indeed a great movie i really enjoyed my self.All i wana do now is to see the end of the story,i longing to see the end because i get the feeling im going to learn something entirely new from the movie.