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Village Rascals Nigerian movie Part 4 (The End) starring Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki), Osita Iheme (PawPaw), Charles Awurum, Amaechi Mounagor, Francis Odega. 

Village Rascals Part 3 and Village Rascals Part 4 is the sequel to Village Rascals Part 1 and Village Rascals 2. 
Village Rascals Synopsis 
Khaki and Okwute always have their hands stained with mischievous acts. They crossed boundaries after they stole the masquerade from the shrine. The one and only thing that has been protecting the villagers from centuries. The masquerade was sold to a tourist for huge sum of money. This is the beginning of Khaki and Okwute to live the luxurious life they always crave for.
Just when the fun begun, the wrath of the gods came upon the tourist who own the masquerade.  
This movie is one of Aki and PawPaw best movies to watch!

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