Nicki Minaj Nigerian Yoruba Movie - with English Subtitles

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Nicki Minaj Nigerian Yoruba Movie is showing on Nigeria Movie Network. It stars Kunle Afod, Akin Lewis, Rachael Oniga, Zainab Raheem, and Yewande Adekoya. The film is fully subtitled in English. Watch, comment and share with friends online!  

Movie Synopsis: A man falls in love with a prostitute thinking he can change her life for good, forgetting that there are some class of women that should not be loved. The word Love does not exist in their dictionary. His heart leads him to love but love led him to death. 

  • Tittle: Nicki Minaj Yoruba Movie 
  • Genre: Romance Drama (Yoruba)  
  • Director: Kunle Afod 
  • Producer: Zainab Raheem

Video streaming courtesy Yorubahood channel on YouTube

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  • ayodele williams

    Your comments
    so intresting moving

  • k shally

    This movil really touch my hearth,how i wish niki dont die so she can suffer for her bad deed

  • dorcas

    Hummm I also have a guy madly in love with me but I will not let him down ife mi for life