My Mother's Wish Nigerian Movie [Part 1]

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If you've already watched "The Prince and The Slave", then continue watching the sequel...."My Mother's Wish Nigerian Movie". It stars Patience Ozokwor, Eve Esin, Laz Ekwueme, Angela Okorie, Mike Godson. Brought to you courtesy Nollywood Pictures TV!

Movie Storyline: The day of reckoning has come, secrets are revealed; the sins of the past visits King Odogwu (Laz Ekwueme) and his royal household and is about to consume them. It is payback time.

  • Director: Prince Emeka Ani
  • Producer: Chibueze Ucheama
  • Distributor: NELTV / Nollywood Pictures TV 
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Pls note that: "My Mother's Wish" is the conclusion to "The Prince and The Slave".

After watching My Mother's Wish [Part 1&2], drop a comment below to let the Nollywood Community know what you think of the film!

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