Mercy Johnson says after her 3rd child is born, she'll shoot for her 4th child

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You will recall that when Mercy Johnson first gave birth to her first child Purity, she promised to shoot for her 2nd child afterwards, and indeed -- she she kept to her words. Now that news has been going around that Mercy Johnson Okojie is pregnant again with a 3rd child, while her 2nd child Henry is just 6 months old; critics are blasting her for not allowing space in-between her children. Just bang bang bang, one after the other. In Jenifa's voice, "shey she wan build football team?" Congrats MJ! See below for more gist about your favorite Nollywood Actress.

Mercy Johnson interview on pregnancy - GoldmyneTV

In this GoldmyneTV interview, Mercy Johnson confirms her 3rd pregnancy and also told critics to save their hate speech because she will soon have her 4th child.

"Thank you so much for the good wishes, thank you so much for the hate speeches, but save most of the hate speeches because the fourth one will soon come ... to round it up, then you can show your anger then. But for now, it's good news, let's celebrate!" -MERCY JOHNSON-OKOJIE

What words do you have for Mercy Johnson? Are you in support of her bearing children without spacing? Share your thoughts on Nigeria Movie Network!

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  • Nzeako peace ugochi

    Mercy good work my dear sister don't mind them is jelouscy dat is worrying them. Pls do it fast and end it. Cos d faster the better b4 u know what you are done with given birth an ur sweet children growing up with you. When you come out an ur sweet children comes out people who have laughed and said bad thing about u will get to ask you wish children are they, is it ur sister children. Dear go am proud of you. Cos dat how I roll my .. Sweet mum ,good wife no what best :mouse:for the family. Thanks

  • Sandra thompson

    Mama purity ride on ur fans Love u ur humility na him kill me pass. I beg do ur thing and rest when u are ok God bless u and ur family Sandi Loves u

  • Jane onyia Michael

    Mercy i love u so much, thumbs up sexy mama enjoy ur marriage joor don't listen to what people say

  • Stigar Richman

    Thats great, keep it up Mercy Johnson.your a woman, true woman indeed kkkkkk

  • Gladys

    Hi she is only conferming Gods word. Be Fruitfull and multiply. Thanks for allowing Gods Word to come to pass. Gods proctection in the this one and the fouth one. Amen

  • Jessica

    It is better to ve ur children once

  • betronzy wise

    I wl luv to see more of her kids dey r gorgeous God bless u and ur family

  • Jessica

    Be blessed,stick to your words mercy i love.

  • edet peace

    Mercy dont listen to what people say, they will never have any thing good to say. Children are blessings from GOD please take them now has they come. When the bible say you children surround your table I dont think one or two kids can surround your table. Congratulations girl

  • ruth

    My most prettiest fan.i love you so much.keep your ears closed to what people says.They will always complain wether good nor bad.You are happily married, and children are a testimony of God's blessings in your matrimony. Blessette you mrs okojie