Meet Denzel Washington's Son John David: Like Father Like Son!

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Like Father Like Son: In this video, you get to meet Denzel Washington's Son John David Washington who is following his father's footstep in the movie business of Hollywood. Do you see plenty resemblance? (see below picture) 

Denzel Washington's Son
Don't look now, but Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington, has matured into a commanding actor in his own right. It's hard to believe the timeless Denzel Washington has a son in his thirties, but it's true: Denzel Washington's son has grown up — to be gorgeous... 

  • College football | 0:14
  • In the trenches | 0:38
  • Balling on HBO | 1:03
  • Distance from Dad | 1:30
  • Family values | 1:57
  • Just look at him | 2:23
  • Looking for love | 2:45
  • On to the next one | 3:10 

This Hollywood video brought to you courtesy Nicki Swift 

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