Love Beyond Sword Nigerian Movie [Season 3]

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The drama continues in the Season 3 of Love Beyond Sword Nigerian Movie. Starring Chioma Akpotha, Ken Erics, Chinenye Uba, Blessing Nwankwo, Leo Ewuzie among other supporting acts. This movie from NollywoodPicturesTV is an evocative tale of strong love, strong will, secrets, revelations and fate. Watch, comment and share with friends on social networks! 

Love Beyond Sword Season 3


Existing between Agbomma and Ozobialu is a strong love which could touch the sky and ignite heavens. Love that is bound by a mystery and an ancient song "egwu ejule which is beyond the comprehension of their families and the community as a whole. Theirs is a strong love which is determined to be alive even against family restrictions and opposition; coupled with jealousy and envy coming from friends. While the movie unravels, we will be shocked at a chilling revelation which could be the main reason for all these oppositions. Fate of course has a way of playing its roles to pay every individual accordingly.

  • Title: Love Beyond Sword Part 3 
  • Genre: Family Drama (Traditional) 
  • Producer: Charles I Offor
  • Director: Ugezu J Ugezu
  • Year: 2017

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