Love and Oil Nigerian Movie [Official Trailer]

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Here goes one of the official trailers for Love and Oil Nigerian movie 2013, produced by Oracle Films. It was written by Patrick ‘Konaige’ Nnamani and directed by Okechukwu Oku. The movie, which was shot, stars Yul Edochie, Nuella Njubigbo, Jibola Dabo, Rita Arum, Agbogidi, Gadiel Onwudiwe, and Maureen Okpoko.

Love and Oil Nollywood Movie Synopsis

A series of harmless events serve up a recipe for political shenanigans and violence, in the otherwise peaceful tourist town of Ozalla. Gregory Eneh (Yul Edochie), a medical doctor, rebels against the king's plan to make him son-in-law and sole-heir. This leads to a lot of outrage. From his seemingly-unaffected mother, Golibe Eneh (Maureen Okpoko) through to the Igwe Silas Nnaji (Jibola Dabo) and to the conniving Chief Nwobodo (Agbogidi). Gregory soon finds that there was more to the proposed union to the Princess (Nuella Njubuigbo), when kidnap and violent threats and oil interests climax in a shocking finale that brings the villain closer home than he ever imagined. Perhaps, this is an age-long grudge come back to life, and not just a botched love union?

The movie (Love & Oil), a Nigerian film, is shot on location somewhere in Enugu State, produced by Oracle Films; associate produced by Mr Perfect and also stars Rita Arum, Gadiel Onwudiwe, Nazo Ekezie and Samsunny. It was written by Patrick "Koinage" Nnamani and directed by Okechukwu Oku "The ORACLE".

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