LAGOS Mafians Nigerian Movie - Part 2 (Watch and Comment!)

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The story continues in LAGOS Mafians Nigerian Nollywood Movie - Part 2. Watch and Comment to rate the film on Nigeria's movie network. Starring Victor Osuagwu, Dede One Day, Uche Ogbodo, Amaechi Muonagor, Johannes Maier.

Victor Osuagwu and his friend Dede One Day have now reconnected in the village something happened in the village that made them to want to leave the village to Lagos for greener pasture,watch out how this two foolish friends went to lagos and how they were deciding what to do each day that comes by.... Nollywood Comedy Movie African comedy Movie. 

Did you miss Part 1 of the film? If so, go here: LAGOS Mafians Part 1.

Now that you've watched Lagos Mafians Nigerian movie, what do you think of the movie in terms of storyline, picture quality, characters in the movie, and choice of soundtrack?

Courtesy NollywoodBest on YouTube. 

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