Keziah The Ashawo Maid Nigerian Movie [Part 2] - Queen Nwokoye, Okon Lagos, Daddy Sam

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The family drama continues in Part 2 of Keziah The Ashawo Maid Nigerian Movie showing on NMN. Starring Queen Nwokoye, Ime Bishop Umoh, Sam Obiago, Vivian Oyakhira, Jane Obi, Inem Peter, Odira Nwobu. Watch, comment and share with friends! 

Keziah The Ashawo Maid - Part 2
This is a comic movie that tells the story of how both father, son and gate man want to have canal knowledge of a young lady who came to stay with them but unknown to them she has a different motive.

  • Title: Keziah The Ashawo Maid Part 2 
  • Genre: Family Drama 
  • Producers: Kelvin Anekwe & Ifeoma Anekwe
  • Director: Emeka Nnakihe  

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