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Jungle of Heirs Nigerian movie (Part 1) is showing on Nigeria's Movie Network - starring Jim Iyke, Jeff Kome Epule, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Moma Pascal, Solange Ojong, Solange Yigika, Vitalis Otia, and a host of others.

Jungle of Heirs is also, and actually, a Cameroonian film that tells a Cameroonian story.

Written by Cameroonian producer Agbor Steve Ebai aka 'Big Steve', Jungle of Heirs is shot on locations in Limbe and Buea. The movie tells the story of a false rumour which is so strong to cause the abdication of the Banyang King from his throne. Scandalized, the elders are taken aback, but determined to re-enthrone their leader. However, the abdicated King can only return at the helm if the source of the rumour is found and the initiator severely punished.

Jungle of Heirs African movie is from the stables of Agbor Stephen Ebai (Big Steve) Production. Watch Jim Iyke at his best in this Cameroonian film!

CAST: Jim Iyke, Moma Pascal aka Bob, Solange Yijika, Quinta Eyong Ashu, Solange Ojong and Jeff Epule, Alenne Menget, Maru Gatscaya, Aaron Nkongho. Produced by Steve Agbor and directed by NEBA Lawrence C. 'Mforlems'.

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