Joni Waka Ghanaian Movie - Part 1 (Van Vicker and Agya Koo)

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Watch JONI WAKA Ghanaian movie Part 1 (full movie), a hilarious comedy - starring Ghanaian leading actor Van Vicker and Ghana's leading comedian, Agya Koo. Joni Waka is a Sky+Orange Production and is available at your local DVD outlets. 

Joni Waka is a hilarious comedy that features Van Vicker and Ghana's leading comedian, Agya Koo. The movie is about a young man who returns to his village after a number of years, pretending to-be someone he's not. He uses his wit and charm to make the villagers believe that he is a wealthy investor. A twist of plot brings him face to face with the village "eye" (Agya Koo), who’s even more cunning and manipulative.

The movie continues in Joni Waka Part 2.


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  • Akua

    Hahahaahahaha.......luvly movie

  • brownlane

    good movie